Posted by: NuVida Data Forensics | October 15, 2010

Has Your Computer Been Attacked?

Hackers have different techniques that help them access other people’s financial information via their computers. “They may send e-mail with attachments, links or images that install secret software when opened. Sometimes, just visiting a website or downloading files can cause a “drive-by download. Hackers phish by sending e-mails that look like they’re from legitimate vendors or trusted sites, only to have bogus links or tricks to lure consumers into entering personal information.” These viruses have attacked home computers and have been remotely gained controlled by using robot networks also known as “botnet” or “zombie army.” In this article a survey was taken to determine the state of viruses that have affected U.S. households being 40% with 16 million homes having serious problems in the past two years. Your computer could be one in a hundred or one in a thousand of computers in the botnet. People need to learn how to be more cautious when it comes to their interactions on the internet.

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